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Watch below as past fasters share their experiences.  There are many conditions that respond well to fasting and a few that may not, so if you have questions about whether you are a good candidate for fasting, please book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Gershfeld. 

From my first phone call with Dr. Gershfeld, I knew that he was the professional that would serve me best.  I found him to be accessible, knowledgeable, kind, generous, and highly intelligent.  He has been all that, and more.

I hired Dr. Gershfeld as my coach and mentor to help me in reversing some lab/blood results that were leading me into pre-diabetes.  I was looking for an expert to guide me into a whole foods, plant-based diet where I could use food as medicine.  Dr. Gershfeld's talent and brilliance far surpassed my expectations.  Within eight weeks of working with Dr. Gershfeld, many of my goals were already met, including the loss of 25 pounds.  

Dr. Gershfeld is an honest, competent, supportive, sincere man who made leaning into this lifestyle very simple and easy for me and my family.  I will forever value his feedback, his input, his genius, and how generously he shared his resources with me.  Thank you for your caring, for being so thorough, and for your commitment to my health and overall well-being.

Michael B

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