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How it Works

For the at-home fast, you will need:

Restful Environment: A quiet, stress-free living area free of obligations, errands, or physical activity for the duration of your fast and the beginning of your re-feeding (re-feeding is about half the length of fasting)

Monitoring equipment:  Digital Blood pressure machine, Thermometer, Scale, Glucometer (optional)

Local friend: Access to local friend who can transport you for blood-work weekly or in case of needing local assistance

Re-feeding Equipment:  Vegetable/Fruit Juicer, Normal kitchen equipment for chopping produce and cooking food.  Access to grocery delivery or local friend that can deliver groceries for when you break the fast.


Water:  Adequate supply of pure, distilled or reverse-osmosis filtered water (about 1 gallon per day)

Fasting Process Flow Chart.png

Pricing is $599/week of fasting per person (with refeeding days included)

Pricing for every additional person in the same household is $299/week of fasting (with refeeding days included)

If you need to end the fast early, you will be refunded on a pro-rated basis based on total days.

Note: Bloodwork before and during the fast is included if you get your blood drawn at LabCorp

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