Fast in the Comfort of Your Own Home:

If you would prefer not travelling to and staying at the Fasting Escape Retreat Center, Dr. Gershfeld is pleased to offer the option of supervision while you fast in the comfort of your own home.   During the initial consultation, Dr. Gershfeld will review your health history, recommend a length of fast and re-feeding period, and guide you daily during your program.  



- Initial consultation with review of health history & laboratory reports

- Ordering necessary lab-work before and during a fast as needed.

- Daily tele-health visits during fasting & re-feeding stages

- Phone follow-up and check-in 1 month after your fast

For this program, you will need:

- An initial phone consult with Dr. Gershfeld (book below)

-A quiet, stress-free living area free of obligations or physical activity for the duration of your fast and re-feeding days (re-feeding is about half the length of fasting)

- Monitoring equipment:  Digital Blood pressure machine, Thermometer, Scale, Glucometer (optional)

- Access to local friend who can transport you for blood-work weekly

- Re-feeding equipment:  Vegetable/Fruit Juicer, Normal kitchen equipment for chopping produce and cooking food. 

- Adequate supply of pure, distilled or reverse-osmosis filtered water

- Access to grocery delivery or local friend that can deliver groceries for when you break the fast

- Access to a local friend in case of needing local assistance

Pricing is $599/week per person and if you need to terminate the fast sooner than planned, you will be refunded on a pro-rated basis

To schedule an initial evaluation with Dr. Gershfeld, please follow the steps below. 

1. Submit your Name and Email below:

2. A health history form will be emailed to you. Once you fill this out, please follow the link in the email to schedule a complimentary phone consult with Dr. Gershfeld