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Dr. Renae Thomas, MD, MPH, is a Family, Preventive, and Lifestyle Medicine Physician. She completed medical school in Australia at Monash University. Her residency in Family and Preventive Medicine, and Master’s of Public Health were completed at Loma Linda University in California. She has also completed an internship at True North Health Center, and yoga teacher training in India.

Dr. Thomas served four years on the ACLM Trainee board, with two years as president. She is a published co-author on vegetarianism and cancer, and author of an ACLM and WIC-collaborated guide to healthy eating for less than $4 per day, as well as numerous online, print, and audio content collaborations.

Dr. Thomas's research has been in clinical lifestyle medicine, and lifestyle medicine curricula in medical education. She has presented at numerous conferences on evidence-based and clinically-relevant nutrition and health,

both in the USA and internationally. Dr. Thomas's professional content largely focuses on evidence-based nutritional and lifestyle medicine for both physicians and patients. As a doctor, she strives to be a compassionate and understanding support system to her patients, helping to uncover the root cause of illness, and working with them to achieve their greatest health and happiness.

Dr. Thomas' unique experience and knowledge in medicine, a whole, plant foods diet, and the fasting process is crucial to managing patients who wish to fast but are on prescription medications and need a medical doctor to guide them.  For patients currently on prescription medications needing to taper off before a water-fast, Dr. Thomas will work with you to ensure a safe fasting experience.    


Even if you do not wish to fast and just need a plant-based medical doctor on your team, Dr. Thomas is also available for primary care tele-health appointments which you can also book by clicking the button below.  

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