Fasting is the complete abstinence of food and drink, except pure water in an environment of complete rest. 


When done properly, fasting is a powerful healing tool.  Your body is designed to heal itself. And it does so every minute of every day.  Your body heals and rejuvenates naturally while you rest and sleep as well as during your normal day.  However, since a normal day can include several significant stressors like sleep deprivation, rich meals, or stress, a normal day is not optimized for healing.  


Taking a break from all of that in a restful & peaceful environment allows many changes to take place inside your body.  


  • Improved mental clarity

  • Regain energy

  • Lose weight

  • Refresh your taste buds, just to name a few


Refreshing your taste buds in particular means that healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, tubers, nuts, and seeds may taste much better. This makes following a healthy diet at home much more sustainable.


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