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Pre-fast lead in diet is the preparation before fasting begins and is only fruits and vegetables (either raw or cooked) and avoids everything else.  We find that this process makes the entire fast a little easier.  


Fasting  is the complete abstinence of food and drink, except pure water in an environment of complete rest.   Fasting is a powerful healing tool when done properly and with an appropriate re-introduction of food.  Appropriate and regular monitoring is necessary for a safe and effective water-fast.   


Re-feeding is the process of gradual re-introduction of food after a water fast.  This typically is half the length of fasting.  So, for a 10 day water fast, this would require 5 days of re-feeding. Twenty days of fasting requires 10 days of re-feeding, etc.. 

Follow-up with either Dr. Gershfeld or Dr. Thomas are encouraged to help keep you on track with your new health plan.   Ultimately, maintaining a health-promoting diet and lifestyle requires effort, hard work, and support. 


Fasting Escape
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