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Remote Fasting Supervision
Payment and Scheduling Page

Note:  If you have not had a complimentary consultation with Dr. Gershfeld yet, please schedule it first by clicking HERE before you make a payment

Payments can be made on a per-week basis or the entire fast and are refundable on a pro-rated basis for any unused fasting days (for example, if you pay for 2 weeks but only fast for 10 days, you will be refunded for the 4 unused days).


Blood tests & urinalysis to monitor the fast are included if you use LabCorp. A confirmation email with details and the labwork information will be sent to you once payment is complete.


Reminder: Re-feeding check-ins & Labs are included in the program so payment is only required for the fasting days. 

Individual pricing:  $599/week of fasting

Additional person in the same house fasting at the same time:  $299/week of fasting

Schedule Your Fast Below: 

Our first phone check-in can be up to 2 days before you start the fast or even day 1 of your fast. We will review the pre-fast diet, what to expect, your pre-fast bloodwork, answer questions you may have, and schedule the remaining daily check-ins.

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