Frequently asked questions

Who is the Fasting Escape for?

Many people are trying to follow a particular lifestyle. Others are just dipping their toes in the water. In either case, an escape from the modern world can be a very helpful step to charting a course towards your personal health goals.

What will the Fasting Escape look like?

After speaking with Dr. Gershfeld and seeing what an appropriate length of fast will be, you will have a few healthy meals to prepare you to water-fast. Throughout your fast, you will mostly be resting and relaxing. However, once you finish your fast, there will be educational talks, exercise classes, cooking classes all to help you bring this home.

What is included in the price of the Fasting Escape?

Your stay will include a private bedroom, all meals, house-keeping and laundry, lectures, activities, cooking demonstrations and classes, daily supervision of your water or juice fast by a doctor certified by the International Association of Hygienic Physicians, and any basic blood work, urinalysis, and laboratory analysis will be provided, if necessary.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

Please be sure to let Dr. Gershfeld know of any dietary requirements you might have. The food served at the Fasting Escape is free of animal foods and free of salt, oil, sugar, and flour.

What is a fast?

Fasting is defined as the complete absence of all substances, except pure water in an environment of complete rest. Modified fasting is done in the form of juices and broths.

Is fasting or doing a cleanse safe?

Absolutely. Fasting supervision by a doctor certified by the International Association of Hygienic Physicians ensures the safest and most effective fasting experience.

How will I be monitored?

During the fast and re-feeding process, Dr. Gershfeld will monitor you daily. Before and during the fast, you may need some bloodwork (included in the price) to monitor your blood chemistry.

What if I am on medications, will that affect my results?

Participants on medications for blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, and other diet-related conditions often experience such tremendous results from adopting a plant-based diet that they are able to discontinue or decrease many of their medications. However, without your doctor's approval, Dr. Gershfeld will not make any recommendations about your medications. Once you speak to Dr. Gershfeld by phone, he can talk with you about your specific needs.

Do you accept insurance coverage?

Insurance companies and Medicare do not pay for services rendered while staying at the retreat. We do not bill insurance and insurance companies do not pay for any services while you are a patient at the center. All guests must pay for all services at the time they are rendered.

Will I need to do a blood test?

Some participants may need a blood test before beginning a water fast, however, that will be determined after speaking to Dr. Gershfeld. All blood work is included in your daily price.

Will you offer house-keeping and laundry service?

Yes, there will be light housekeeping and laundry service provided.

What kind of food will be offered?

All meals served will be free of animal products including meat, fish, fowl, eggs, and dairy.

What kinds of activities will take place?

During the fast, rest and relaxation is encouraged and so the only activities will be lectures, videos, and some light stretching or breathing/meditative techniques. Before and after the fast, there will be occasional presentations, cooking demonstrations, and we encourage activity on the hiking trails in the neighborhood.

Anything extra I should bring?

During fasting, it is common to be more sensitive to cold so an extra sweater and pair of pajamas or sweatpants can be useful. Bringing a pair of walking shoes may be useful if you plan to resume some light exercise after your fast.

Hypoallergenic shampoo and hand soap will be provided.

What shouldn't I bring?

Please do not bring chewing gum, candies, snacks, alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, essential oils, or incense. Also, since all participants will be staying in one house, please be mindful of bringing scented items such as colognes, perfumes, hair spray, and strong shampoos. Hypo-allergenic shampoo & hand soap will be provided.