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After having a life-changing health experience, Dr. Gershfeld changed careers from electrical engineer to chiropractor.  This led him down the path of health promotion through healthy living where he had experienced tremendous results as a patient at the True North Health Center.

Dr. Gershfeld then became a staff doctor at the world-renowned True North Health Center from 2011-2014 where, while supervising fasting patients, lecturing on health and wellness, and maintaining a private practice, he earned his Professional Certification by the International Association of Hygienic Physicians.   He currently serves on the board of the True North Health Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation dedicated to research in the areas of health promotion and medically supervised water-only fasting.

Dr. Gershfeld’s philosophy of healthcare is based on two principles: logic and simplicity.   Because of this, his approach emphasizes addressing the underlying causes of disease or discomfort and coming up with a strategy for prevention, treatment, and reversal of disease.


A dedicated enthusiast of health and healthful living for over 18 years, Dr. Gershfeld operates the Fasting Escape where he is committed to helping his patients become their own best doctors.

Dr. Gershfeld can work with you to get your health back on track.  Whether it's supervising an individualized fasting program or an individualized health & wellness plan to meet your individual goals.  

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