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Fasting Escape


Fasting Escape is a doctor supervised fasting program that guides you step-by-step through a rejuvenating and transformative fasting experience, all from the comfort of your home. 


The program includes daily monitoring by Dr. Gershfeld and guidance for healthy re-introduction of food.   Fasts can last anywhere from 5-40 days depending on your individual needs and are discussed during the initial complimentary consultation. 


  Our bodies are uniquely adapted to survive when food is scarce.   Because of this, fasting has been used for centuries for a variety of reasons including improving health.  When done properly, a fast allows your body to rest from the stimulation of the modern world - a re-boot in a sense. Without this reboot, it can take several weeks or months of avoiding rich foods to get your taste buds adapted to whole natural foods. However, with a fast, this process happens very quickly.  Taste buds re-calibrate.  Energy & mental clarity return. Desire and ability to exercise are restored.   All while the body rejuvenates from the inside out.  


Rest assured that although fasting can be an intense healing experience, Dr. Gershfeld has trained under Dr. Alan Goldhamer of the world-renowned True North Health Center and has supervised the fasts of many patients in his 10 years in practice.   


After your fast, full meals will resume gradually under Dr. Gershfeld's guidance.  You will get the practice you need preparing simple, healthy, tasty meals to continue on your health journey. 


You will have access to weekly live virtual talks on various topics such as fasting, nutrition, and living healthy in an unhealthy world. 


Fasting Process Flow Chart.png
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