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New Fasting Center in Southern California!

Welcome to the Fasting Escape Retreat Center!

As the pomegranates on our tree ripen, so too, the Fasting Escape is reaching full bloom. Planned for August are cooking classes, yoga & meditation classes, talks by Dr. Gershfeld on living healthy in an unhealthy world, and even a lecture by Dr. Doug Lisle.

We opened our doors and began welcoming guests to the grand opening of the Fasting Escape, an in-patient residential program for supervised water fasting in Southern California. Fasting can be an intense healing experience that requires proper supervision, and my training under Dr. Alan Goldhamer has been invaluable in creating my program and retreat center environment.

Serene and residential, the Fasting Escape was designed to create a distinct physical, mental, and sensory break from the over-stimulation of our daily routines. The number of participants are kept between four and eight to ensure a calm, intimate setting. Described by True North psychologist, Dr. Doug Lisle as "An Introvert's Paradise", guests each have a private bedroom with a queen or king bed, en-suite bathroom, and walk-in closet. We are located near a regional park and surrounded by natural landscaping, with various fruit trees onsite, a peaceful outdoor deck, and a tranquil walking trail surrounding the property.

The remainder of this Yorba Linda home has separate areas for various activities, such as a yoga and meditation sun room, a main living room (for educational talks, entertainment, and movies), and a private office for personal computer work. A large entertainment kitchen is designed for cooking classes, which encourage participants to maintain a healthful diet upon returning home.

Each participant’s experience includes all meals when not fasting, housekeeping, laundry, high-speed internet, lectures and demonstrations, and activities. Participants emerge stronger and healthier, with renewed vitality and momentum on their health and wellness journey.

Update: As of June 2022, Fasting Escape is now an exclusively doctor-supervised remote-fasting program.


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